Case Study: Determining Public Support for Public Policy

An interested party contracted Y2 to conduct a statewide poll measuring support for a new public project. The objectives were twofold: 1) benchmark public support, and 2) explore underlying rationale for supporters and opponents.

Approach: Live interviewer survey with a representative sample of likely Utah voters. Used predictive modeling to determine which arguments proved persuasive and which proved destructive.

Our analysis showed us the limitations of certain messages supporting the project, and other messages that needed to be highlighted. Our client was provided clear direction on new steps it needed to take to bolster community support for the project and what aspects were most important to citizens.

Is your government entity, company or other organization facing a critical public policy proposal? Y2 can help you identify the terms of debate, structure messages and identify supporters sympathetic to your cause.


Case Study: Converting Prospects into Customers

A healthcare startup approached Y2 about using predictive analytics to help their team identify good prospects for an innovative product designed to help ease the burden of employees suffering from a disease requiring diligent long-term management.

Our company undertook a full data audit and cleansed the startup’s marketing database. Predictive modeling was then used to target employees most likely to benefit from a company-sponsored coaching plan.

Does your product have an ideal customer base that does not fall along traditional demographic-driven marketing techniques? Y2 can help you build your own marketing segments, customized to your market niche.


Case Study: Talking to Your Customers

Utah League of Cities and Towns

The Utah League of Cities and Towns works with local elected officials and their staff to foster local innovation in the public sector and serve constituents. The League regularly conducts public opinion studies to determine public awareness of local efforts and to inform municipal priorities. The League contracted Y2 to conduct a study focused on quality of life issues, especially access to technology.

Approach: Statistical sample of Utah voters administered via an online questionnaire.

The municipalities that make up the League used the results to adjust communication to their constituents and to identify priorities for their legislative efforts.


Case Study: Getting a Broad Snapshot of the State

Regular Utah Omnibus Survey

Y2 regularly conducts a statewide poll of Utah residents and likely voters. The standard battery includes data about respondents’ age, gender, internet use, ethnicity, religious attitudes, and income. Clients of Y2 can add a la carte questions for a flat rate per question. This provides an economical way to benchmark your brand recognition, gut check your political ambitions, or test new products in the Utah market.

Approach: Live interviewer survey with a representative sample of 500 registered Utah voters.

Interested in other states? Contact us! We expand our pool of omnibus states as client demand dictates.